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Moved from Blogger to Live Journal

Cause it's where all my friend's are 
So im hoping that this is a good change, lol. This way I can be updated on everything my friends do, and when they post. I think it's more for me in a way, as I hate to loose good friends. I'll probably be updating with my weight stuff, I am still trying to do the 100 weight loss challenge but am getting discouraged because even though I cut back, like WAY back on food (i eat around 1000 or less a day) I only lost 2 pounds in two weeks. A little discouraging but, I don't want to give up. My main reason for doing this is my personal health and my own personal happiness. I'm just tired of people seeing the 'fat' person and being discouraged by it, I absolutely must say if it weren't for my friends today, I don't know where I would be. So to you guys thank you for being my friends! I love you guys.

Hm... What else. Still trying to get a job here, sucks cause I don't know Spanish and it's like a requirement here. I think im going to go on post to see if they can help me with stuff, I am going to try to talk ken into moving to a smaller cheaper house when April comes around because our finances cannot deal with this 775 a month for the house we live in currently. So im looking at cheaper places that allow pets, sadly I might have to get rid of two more cats. Of course they will have to be mine, but I guess that's life and the sacrifices we have to make. I can say it would be a lot easier probably to own our own home, but we want to wait until we go to Washington to live closer to family before we even try. I'm hoping to get a job somewhere so i can save money and pay off our jeep -sigh- only 6k to go! It's so close yet so far lol. Anyways yeah, just a small update about stuff, im going to listen to this finance thing ken brought home :/ He's the one who needs to listen to it more than I do, he's a turd sometimes but I love him.




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